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What is thermal modification?

  • A revolution in the development of modified wood products.  ThermoWood is created by a process called thermal modification.

  • A carefully controlled process that dramatically improves the dimensional stability and durability of wood using elevated temperature (>180°C) and steam, without the use of chemicals.

  • The most apparent change created by thermal modification is the darkening of the wood throughout. Wood staining is not required, and the desired color can be accurately controlled with specialty software.

  • ThermoWood is ideal for a wide range of exterior and interior applications, especially where high moisture is present. .

 ThermoWood - The sign of genuine quality

ThermoWood uses a patented production process and is a registered trademark that may only be used by licensed companies that are members of the International ThermoWood Association. An independent third party monitors its production. So, when you buy ThermoWood from us, you know that you’re getting a genuine quality product. 

An environmentally sound, safe choice

The raw material for ThermoWood comes from premium-quality pine and spruce from responsibly managed forests. Since no harmful chemicals are added during the treatment process, ThermoWood contains only renewable substances. This make ThermoWood also the perfect solution for a warm, attractive deck that’s pleasant to walk on and safe for kids to play on. 

Wood off-cuts can be burned, recycled, or disposed of in the normal waste system, as opposed to pressure-impregnated wood.

Great durability, dimensional stability, and thermal performance

ThermoWood is an environmentally sound alternative to pressure-impregnated wood. Its natural high-temperature treatment makes this wood resistant to varying weather conditions, fungi, and rot. 

Because of its decay resistance, lower moisture content and lower thermal conductivity compared with untreated wood, ThermoWood is dimensionally stable, durable and possesses good insulation. It keeps its shape and stands up to changing climate conditions – you can use it outdoors provided you care for it with regular maintenance and surface treatment to protect against the natural effects of weathering and exposure to sunlight.

A versatile product, a variety of uses

After thermal treatment, the wood will exhibit a homogeneous color with a rich, golden-brown tone throughout the piece that showcases the natural vein of the wood. 

ThermoWood is available in two standard thermal treatment classes, Thermo-S and Thermo-D, to ensure the best technical performance. Thermo-S has improved stability, an attractive light golden-brown tone, and is mainly suitable for interiors. Thermo-D has improved durability, a darker brown tone, and is used in both interior and exterior applications.

Interior cladding

Naturally versatile ThermoWood is ideal for interior paneling and flooring, furniture and other building components. Thanks to its high durability and stability, there is very little dimensional movement in the product once it has been fixed to a wall. As a result of the reduced movement, surface coatings applied after installation gain a longer service life. And because resins are removed during the process, you eliminate the problem of resin leakage from knots and pockets

Spa and sauna interiors

ThermoWood brings an attractive alternative material into your sauna or spa. With reduced thermal conductivity and resin-free, it allows you to relax and enjoy the comfort.

  • Exterior cladding and decking

  • ThermoWood can take the heat – or the cold or the rain. Typical uses include exterior cladding and facades, wooden decking, fences, garden furniture and sun shades for buildings.

  • ThermoClad and ThermoDeck come with an optional oil treatment that further improves the wood’s weather resistance, colour stability and water repellence. 

We provide ThermoWood as standard wood profiles, custom wood profiles or raw material for further processing. ThermoWood is resin and pitch free, so you can easily apply glue, paint and oil finishing or surface treatments like a fire-retardant coating. Or, you can choose to leave it natural. 

Key benefits of ThermoWood

  • 100% natural processing with no chemical additives, biodegradable and recyclable

  • Third-party certification under FSC®, PEFC™ chain or custody or both ensures full traceability of the raw material from sustainably managed forests

  • Superior performance outdoors, indoors or in different weather conditions thanks to special thermal treatment

  • Possesses high dimensional stability, durability and decay resistance, has colour uniformity

  • No resin leakage, easy to paint or apply surface treatments


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