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Limited Warranties for Commercial Hardwood Flooring:

Manufacture Defects

Wood Floor Connection (WFC) warrants to the original buyer of the goods to be free from manufacturing defects.  English Manor, Seville, and Vouvant Collections are warrant under light commercial conditions and proper maintenance for up to 35 years on structure and finish.  WFC Laminate series is not warrant under light commercial conditions and proper maintenance.  For Maintenance guide please visit NWFA website at  Floors are manufactured with accepted industry standard that permit a defect tolerance not exceeding 5%.  Engineered wood has natural characteristics such as mineral streaks, knots, and grain variation.  The owner or installer should reasonably select, hold out, or saw off naturally occurring glaring defects before installation.  All flooring might vary from the samples or images on the website.  Please inspect the material prior to installation.

Finish Warranty

WFC warrants the buyer that the wood floor's finish will withstand normal wear.  Reduced gloss is not considered wear.  If the flooring finish wears through, WFC will have the option to refinish or replace the affected pieces.

Exclusive Warranties for Engineered Wood Floors:

Structure Warranty

WFC warrants the buyer of engineered wood that, under normal use, the layers will not separate.  Should any warping, cupping, buckling, or bonding fail, WFC will have the option to repair, replace, or refund the affected pieces. 

Any of the following shall be void or excluded from the warranties:

Moisture Warranty

WFC warrants the buyer of engineered wood flooring products if humidity range is kept between 35% to 50% humidity year round.  Damage due to flooding, broken pipe, leaky faucet, toilet, dishwasher, wet mops, or an environment which is too dry, is not covered by this warranty. 

Visible Defects

Board with visible damage such as damage on the apparent must not be installed.

Improper Installation

Floors must be installed in accordance with NWFA installation guide.  WFC warranties do not cover damages, defects, or other issues caused by improper installation.

Uneven Floor

Pre-installation inspection process includes checking if the sub-floors are even.  Do not install the flooring if the subfloor is uneven.  WFC does not cover damages or defects caused by uneven subfloors.

Improper Maintenance or Inadequate care

WFC flooring requires maintenance and must be maintained in accordance with WFC written maintenance instruction.  The limited warranties do not cover damage or defects caused by improper maintenance.


WFC flooring may be refinished, but by doing so will void the limited warranty.

Accidents, Abuse or Abnormal Wear

WFC limited warranties do not cover damages or defects caused by abuses, accidents, or abnormal wear which scratch, stain, or dent the flooring.  This includes heavy foot traffic concentrated on the stairs, harm caused by animals/pets, or other abrasive qualities.  WFC also does not cover damages or defects caused by high heels or shoes with cleats.

Problem with Moisture or Dryness

WFC limited warranties do not cover damages or defects caused by excessive moisture or by an environment where it is too dry.  Flooding, act of God, or leaking pipes or appliances are not covered by this warranty.

Excessive Lighting

WFC limited warranties do not cover floor color changed due to excessive exposure to sunlight or intense lighting.  In addition, wood sample color may not exaclty match the color of existing floor.

Difference from Samples

WFC limited warranties do not cover the differences that can be seen between sample and installed floors.  Please check and approve flooring prior to installation.

Radiant Heating

A radiant heating system installed with WFC engineered wood is not covered in WFC limited warranties.

Your Obligation to Wood Floor Connection

As a buyer of Wood Floor Connection, you agree to follow all installation, care, and maintenance directions as related to WFC flooring.  You also agree to allow WFC an opportunity to repair any defects.  Moreover, WFC must be given an opportunity to inspect the floor prior to any removal or repair that will be submitted for warranty coverage.  The proof of purchase must be submitted with a warranty claim form.

- Warranty Version - June 22,  2018

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